I am a mom of three living in Victoria, BC. In a past life, I had aspirations towards a career in theatre, completing the Musical Theatre Program at the American Musical and Dramatic Academy in New York City, along with a BA at Queens University. I followed this up with an MFA in theatre studies, before my life took a dramatic turn in a new, very different direction. Some people have spiritual awakenings and discover religion; I had a health awakening and discovered nutrition.

I started reading labels, explored new ways of preparing food, and met a lot of wonderful, like minded people in the process. A close friend introduced me to Meghan Telpner’s blog, just in time to join the first class of her Culinary Nutrition Expert program in the fall of 2013. I completed the program full of grand dreams and ambitions, but struggled with how to balance this with the time I was investing in my kids as a homeschooling parent.

We made a cross country move last summer, traveling from one coast to the other via road trip with our kids. Over the last year I have embarked on additional training, including the Rouxbe Professional Plant Based Certification, the Institute for Integrative Nutrition health coaching program, and David Wolfe’s Raw Food Certification. Through this process I have had a wonderful opportunity to explore my passion for cooking, expand my knowledge in health and nutrition, and connect with so many inspiring people.

Over the past seven years we have embraced raising our children in a way that honours our values, an ever evolving process as our lifestyle has changed significantly over the past few years. Some of the things we continue to explore are homeschooling (or “unschooling” in our case), a plant-based, whole foods diet, non-toxic lifestyle options, travel with children, integrating minimalist principles, and fostering conscious interaction as a family. As is true for many families, we also juggle the demands of raising our children with the challenge of trying to carve out time for ourselves as individuals and as a couple.

I look forward to writing about our experiences, sharing recipe creations, resources, and lifestyle practices that resonate with us. I am also looking forward to connecting with people who are on their own wild and crazy adventures through life, and hope this blog will serve as a connection point to bring resources and ideas together.


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